Friday, September 14, 2007

How To Grow Cannabis - The Easy and Cheap Way

K, the following guide is for anyone that has a low budget, and anyone that just wants to get straight down to how to do it without gettin' all complicated. Meaning, the easy way. The following steps should be followed in order to grow a successful yield. Yield meaning, amount of marijuana you will get from the plant.

The following guide is for educational and research purposes only. The Author does not wish anyone to actually preform any of the portrayed instructions.

How To Grow Cannabis

1. Get Seeds.
The first thing you'll want to get before you do anything is, marijuana seeds. You can get these from regular weed, aka. "reggies". Just make sure you find the best marijuana around that has seeds in it, and take a couple. I'd take about 7 or 8, to be on the safe side. And one thing you must abide by is what the seed looks like. If the seed is whitish-yellow you can't use it, it's a male seed. If the seed is brownish with tiny black streaks/lines on it, it's a female seed and you can use it. The female plant is the one we want to grow. It's the plant that produces the THC enriched buds at the top of the plant. The Marijuana.

2. Germination
What you need for this step is a large flat plate, and a bowl that can lay upside side down on the plate sealing out all light. Get four napkins, drench them in water, and squeeze them so they don't drip water anymore. Make sure they're wet, but not dripping. Place all three of them on the plate. Take about 7 or 8 seeds and put them on the wet napkins. Take another four napkins, wet them, and put them on top of the seeds. Cover everything up with the bowl. Put in a dark place at room temperature. Seeds should germinate in 1-7 days. Germinate meaning, the seeds crack open and a little white root comes out. That's when they're germinated.

3. Seedling Stage
Get a 6 inch diameter clay/plastic pot. Cost like 5 bucks. Buy a bag of potting soil, doesn't matter what kind, just make sure it drains well. All potting soil is basically the same. A nice amount will cost about 5 bucks. Get the lighting. This where it would normally get expensive. But people don't realize that you can grow cannabis with ordinary house lights, you don't have to spend money on expensive grow lights. Get 2 ordinary desk lamps that take ordinary bulbs. Get 2 100 watt bulbs. Put the bulbs in. Fill the 6 inch diam. pot up to the brim with soil. Pour water into the soil, preferably spring water, Poland Spring is good. Just make sure everything is nice and damp. Position the two lights above the pot to where they're both about 1 1/2-2 ft. above the soil. Plant the sprouts. Max of 3 seedlings per 6 inch diam. pot. Distribute the seedlings evenly by placing them on the soil and then sprinkling some soil on top to cover them. From now on, the lights are on constantly. They should never turn off. This stage will last for about 2 weeks. Make sure you check the plants everyday at least twice a day. If ever the soil feels like it needs watering, water thoroughly. Don't over water though. If you just watered a little while ago, don't water right away again.

4. Vegetative Stage
After the first two weeks of life, they will enter the vegetative stage. This is when they grow the most. This is the first and only time you will have to transplant the plant. Get about a 3 gallon pot, clay or plastic. Fill it up to the brim with soil. Water, and make sure everything is nice and damp. Dig a hole about the size of the 6 inch diam. pot. Be very gentle with everything now. Take the 6 inch diameter pot and tap the sides on something to shake lose the dirt. Flip the plant upside down and the plant should come out. Root ball and soil. Place it in the hole in the 3 gallon pot. Make sure everything is nice snug and water if needed. As the plants grow steadily upward, you will have to raise the lights to keep a 1-2 ft. distance above the plant tops.

5. Flowering Stage
This stage is when the marijuana will be produced. When the plants are about 12-14 inches tall, you will cut the lights back to 12 hours on, 12 hours off. This will cause the plants to go into they're maturing stage, which is when they flower. IE, the marijuana. The maturing stages takes about 8-12 weeks using these kind of lights. During this period of 12 hours on, 12 hours off, the plant will begin to flower and produce the THC enriched buds at the top of the plant. You know the plant has fully matured when the leaves start to fall off, and everything looks like its dieing. This is the ending stage. Which is when we dry out and harvest the marijuana. Rip the marijuana plants out of the soil and cut off all unnecessary leaves and stems. Trim the marijuana buds of all leaves. Hang the marijuana tops upside down in a dry place at room temperature for about 1 week. After a week, check the marijuana. If it's nice and dry your good to go. Break it apart and seal it up by putting it into an air tight baggy. Out of any decently grown cannabis plant, you should get about an ounce of marijuana.

Things To Remember
- As the plant grows upward, it might get too tall and fall over. Don't let it do this. Get thin metal poles and stick them in the soil. Tye the plants to these poles and they will stay upright.
- Always make sure the plant as plenty of water. Especially in the vegetative stage. You can empty entire water bottles to water thoroughly. Just make sure that they don't get TOO much water. If the soil doesn't feel like it needs it, don't water.
- You may want to consider fertilizing after 3 weeks in the 3 gallon pot. The cannabis plant loves food. Suggested fertilizers are Eco-Grow. Add fertilizer gradually day by day when you water. However, if you fertilize, remember to stop when the plants are entering they're flowering stage. The fertilizer will encourage growth, and that's not what's wanted in the flowering stage. Flowering is what's wanted for obvious reasons.

That's about it, if you follow those steps and tips correctly, you will grow a marijuana plant. Please feel free to comment and post feedback.

The Cannabis Growers Guide


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